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time to sing!

vocal coach in Berlin

Easy way to sing better

your singing lesson

Individual approach

Starting from your very first lesson, I will create customized exercises based on your level of experience. These exercises will allow you to practice at your own pace, without any pressure, in between our sessions. This is an ideal approach for beginners!

Your favorite song or your audition material

It is important to be able to use everything you have learned. We are happy to work on a song you would like to sing or need for the audition.

Four different languages 

I speak German, English, French, and Russian fluently - so you can choose which language you feel most comfortable with.

3 Gründe

Who is my lesson suitable for?

Hobby singers

Relaxation, breath support, vocal range extension.


Breathing techniques for dancing and singing at the same time, 
preparation for singing auditions.

 Musical theater students

Actors / musical performers

Preparation for entrance exams, auditions, assistance with material selection

Focused work on your audition material, including profound scene work and role analysis.  


Kirill Zolygin Gesangslehrer at time to sing Berlin

Who am I?

My name's Kirill Zolygin, a trained actor, musical performer, and vocal coach, and I love what I do. I teach singing in Berlin to anyone who wants to learn, no matter where they start.

I've been lucky enough to be a part of some pretty cool musicals - like the French premiere of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" and the German premiere of "Anastasia". You can find more about my professional journey right here.

How do I work?

Our first lesson will be all about you. Tell me about your singing experiences, unique talents, and things on which you'd like to work. You can even bring a song you'd like to improve - we'll improve it together! As a singer and coach, I understand how important it is to personalize your training. I'll assess your skills and design exercises specifically for you. You'll receive these exercises through a cloud link, so you can practice on your own time and see progress between our lessons. Let's make your singing dreams a reality!

Just have fun singing and be patient with yourself. You've got this!


Veronika Bognar.png

Kirill is not my first singing teacher, but he is the one who makes me understand singing best. I learn different exercises and understand the meaning behind them. After a few weeks, I can already feel an improvement in my singing. Singing feels easier. I am super happy and grateful to have found Kirill.

You always have positive energy after class.

Thank you, Kirill!!!


Prices and booking

Your singing lessons will take place in a cozy studio in Berlin-Schöneberg.

A trial session costs only 30 Euros (so the half is on me), allowing us to take the first steps without hurry so that you get an impression of what can be achieved through your lessons and me - how we can shape our further cooperation.

You can reach me at any time by phone or WhatsApp. 
I look forward to meeting you!


and please don't forget
to check your mailbox -
I'll get back to yo
u as soon as possible! 

Please inform me at least 24 hours before the appointment if you want to postpone or cancel it.
If the appointment is canceled less than 24 hours in advance, it still has to be paid for according to § 615 BGB.



When is it worth taking singing lessons?

If you're interested in improving your voice and singing skills. Taking singing lessons can be helpful for both experienced singers and those who need to speak a lot for their profession. With my guidance, we can uncover your distinct and emotive voice, whether for performing on stage, rehearsing for a role, or singing in public spaces like the subway.

Are singing lessons beneficial?

​Through singing lessons, you get to know your body and talent better and build self-confidence. Singing, especially stress-free singing, has many positive effects on the body. I also offer a special relaxation program that promotes your progress by connecting breath control and singing.

How long does it take to get good at singing?

How often should you practice singing?

It depends on many factors: your past experiences, the time you have to practice, how often you have lessons, and what you think "good singing" is. With the right technique and regular practice, you'll see progress. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced singer, I'm here to support you. Right singing technique is a great confidence builder, feeling at ease with your body and voice can boost your trust in yourself like nothing else!

You'll make the biggest strides if you practice regularly, ideally every day. It's always better to practice a little every day rather than cramming in two hours once a week. This goes for all singers, from beginners to advanced and even professionals. When you work with me, you'll receive (if needed) a recording after every lesson with exercises tailored just for you, so you can rehearse effectively and safely between our sessions and reach your goals faster. My goal is to ensure that, with time, you feel safe to sing in front of any audience with confidence.

What does a vocal coach do?

Is it worth going to a vocal coach?

A vocal coach, also known as a singing teacher, guides singers and students in improving their singing technique. They provide singing lessons covering various musical styles, from classical singing to popular music. They help students understand music theory, develop their vocal technique, and enhance their creative expression. Vocal coaches also assist in preparing for auditions, public speaking, and performances at corporate events. They may offer individual lessons, group classes, or even online lessons.

Absolutely! Even if you consider yourself tone-deaf! A professional singing teacher can provide the guidance needed, especially if you're starting out. They can help you understand your instrument, improve your tone, and expand your range. They can also help you build confidence, which is crucial for performances and auditions. Plus, a singing tutor can provide personalized feedback and exercises that you wouldn't get from self-study.

Is vocal coaching expensive?

How can I teach myself to sing?

The cost of vocal coaching can vary widely, depending on factors like the coach's experience level, the length of the lessons, and whether the lessons are private or group-based. Some coaches offer a trial lesson, which can give you an idea of what to expect before you commit. Remember, vocal coaching is investing in your artistic abilities and professional life.

Teaching yourself to sing is a journey of self-discovery and practice. Start by understanding the foundation for singing. Listen to various music genres, from classical to jazz, to broaden your musical understanding. You can use online resources, just some English singing lessons, and music theory lessons to learn the basics. You should also try to analyze your favorite artists. Practice vocal exercises regularly to improve your vocal abilities and resonance. Find online lessons on YouTube and try things out. I strongly recommend Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. It's one of the best online resources. Remember, your body is your instrument, so think of singing as an entire singing body-mind experience.

Can you learn to sing or is it natural?

Can anyone sing or is it a gift?

While some people may have a natural talent for singing, anyone can learn to sing with practice and proper training. A vocal coach can help you understand your issues and develop your singing technique, regardless of your starting point.

While some people may naturally be inclined towards singing, anyone can learn to sing with practice and proper training. Singing is a skill that can be developed over time. A vocal coach can help you understand your unique sound and develop your singing technique, irrespective of your starting point.

Is it worth paying for singing lessons?

Can I learn to sing at 30?

Yes, investing in singing lessons is definitely worth it. As a professional music teacher can provide personalized guidance when you learn to play an instrument, a singing teacher will help you navigate through the challenges of singing. They can offer audition technique training, vocal coaching, and even help with music production. Paying for singing lessons is an investment in your artistic abilities and can take you from being an amateur to a professional singer.

Absolutely! Age is just a number when it comes to learning to sing. Whether you're an advanced adult student or a beginner, it's never too late to start. With focus and regular practice, you can develop your vocal abilities. Consider taking flexible singing lessons tailored to your schedule and needs. Remember, countless singers have started their musical journey later in their professional life and have found success.

How do I know if I can sing?

How many lessons does it take to learn to sing?

One way to know if you can sing is by singing your favorite songs and recording yourself. Listen to the recording and assess your pitch, tone, and control. You can also take a beginner music theory class or engage in aural exercises to understand music better. However, the best way to know is by getting a professional opinion. Consider taking a few singing lessons with a singing teacher for personalized feedback.

The number of lessons it takes to learn to sing varies greatly from person to person. It depends on your starting point, your goals, and how often you practice. Some people might see improvement after a few lessons, while others might need more time. Remember, learning to sing is a journey, not a destination. It's about continuous learning and enjoying the process.

How many lessons does it take to learn to sing?

Why is training the vocal cords important?

The number of lessons it takes to learn to sing varies greatly from person to person. It depends on your starting point, your goals, and how often you practice. Some people might see improvement after a few lessons, while others might need more time. Remember, learning to sing is a journey, not a destination. It's about continuous learning and enjoying the process.

Singing training is essential for maintaining vocal health, improving tone and quality, and enhancing versatility in various musical styles. It boosts confidence in everyday life, aids in artistic expression, and is crucial for those considering a professional music career. Essentially, voice training helps you develop a healthy technique, discover your unique voice, and fully enjoy the art of singing. Whether you take classical lessons or wish to become a rock singer doesn't matter. The main thing is training healthy voice techniques and increasing the regulation of voice.

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